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The Story Of Yetunde

The Yetunde Price Resource Center was created to honor the life and memory of its namesake. Yetunde was the oldest of five sisters, the youngest two being Venus and Serena Williams. Yetunde embodied her place as oldest sister; nurturing, loving and always making sure others had before she did. Her compassion continued into adulthood as the mother of three and the caretaker of so many through her work and natural disposition.

Tragically killed by an act of senseless violence in 2003, Yetunde left behind three children, siblings, parents and a community that mourned her. In 2018 YPRC was opened to ensure those affected by trauma had the resources necessary to flourish.

Trauma affects multiple aspects of an individual and community's daily life. Therefore, YPRC continues to provide resources that address mental, physical, emotional, social, spiritual, and financial wellness.

The Center connects individuals to existing resources that support healing as well as co-designing community informed programming. YPRC is committed to collaborating with local organizations to offer healing-centered and trauma-informed programming to the residents of Compton.

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