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    The Yetunde Price Resource Center (YPRC) collaborates with partner organizations to offer trauma-informed programs that promote individual and community-wide healing and resiliency. YPRC works to ensure that victims of direct or indirect senseless violence have complete access to existing resources and that where there is a dearth in services, new resources are created.


    To achieve our mission we focus on core pillars:

    Community Asset Mapping

    Compton and the surrounding area of Southern Los Angeles offer many resources to its residents. However, if residents do not know the resources exist or face barriers and obstacles to access, the services can’t be used. YPRC is taking the lead to create a comprehensive database of assets in the community and working to remove barriers to usage.

    Community-Based Systems Navigation

    Working to help individuals suffering from trauma heal by guiding them to free or discounted services available throughout Southern Los Angeles. Each case is given dedicated, compassionate attention. This work is concurrent with creating a more robust database.

    Program Creation

    Through our research and in speaking to partners, there are some resources and services, which do not exist. YPRC works with our partners and funders to create new programming to fill those voids when necessary.

    Community Education

    Partnering with schools, housing systems, police departments, health and mental health providers, social services, the justice system, civic organizations, government organizations, academia, and community leaders to provide community programs in resiliency, social problem solving, conflict resolution, preventing violence, and self-care.

    Expressive Arts Therapy

    Working with victims and at-risk individuals to prevent and recover from trauma through poetry, creative writing, music therapy, dance and movement therapy, and dramatic arts.


    Who was Yetunde Price?


    The Yetunde Price Resource Center was created to honor the life and memory of its namesake. Yetunde was the oldest of five sisters, the youngest two being Venus and Serena Williams. Yetunde embodied her place as oldest sister; nurturing, loving and always making sure others had before she did. Her compassion continued into adulthood as the mother of three and the caretaker of so many through her work and natural disposition.


    Tragically killed by an act of senseless violence in 2003, Yetunde left behind three children, siblings, parents and a community that mourned her. In 2018 YPRC was opened to ensure those affected by trauma had the resources necessary to flourish.


    Trauma affects multiple aspects of an individual and community's daily life. Therefore, YPRC continues to provide resources that address mental, physical, emotional, social, spiritual, and financial wellness.


    The Center connects individuals to existing resources that support healing as well as co-designing community informed programming. YPRC is committed to collaborating with local organizations to offer healing-centered and trauma-informed programming to the residents of Compton.




    Director, Yetunde Price Resource Center

    Kellee Kemp is a Los Angeles native, dedicated to empowering communities of color. She is a double alum of Loyola Marymount University where she obtained her BA in Urban Studies and MA in Marriage and Family Therapy with a specialization in Art Therapy. As a first generation American, she has always felt it was her duty to support the work being done by communities of color. Kellee is dedicated to social justice and passionate about empowering marginalized communities from within.


    This desire has taken her internationally to support various humanitarian projects in Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Belize, and India. Locally, she has worked closely with organizations addressing literacy, poverty, and mental health disparities in Watts, Compton, Boyle Heights, South Los Angeles, and Long Beach.


    Kellee is excited about the work being done by YPRC in the community. Kellee’s specialization in trauma and trauma-informed care will continue to support the mission of the organization. She will bring culturally attuned and relevant programming to the center that will address mental health, wellness, financial, physical and spiritual well-being.


    Outreach Coordinator, Yetunde Price Resource Center

    Juan Trenado-Sandoval is the Outreach Coordinator at the Yetunde Price Resource Center. Growing up in a small rural town in California's Central Valley in a family of twelve taught Juan the inequalities that communities of color face and he resolved to voice these disparities. He became only the second person in his family of twelve to earn a bachelor's degree when he graduated from the University of California, San Diego, where he majored in Global Health and Biology. Before the Yetunde Price Resource Center (YPRC), he worked as a research assistant for the Health Frontiers in Tijuana (HFiT) Clinic in Tijuana, Baja California.


    Juan's personal experience with tragic senseless acts of violence is what brought him to YPRC; in 2014, his youngest brother, Erain, was fatally shot by a group of young men who believed him to be a rival gang member. Erain was not a gang member and was set to start college the following fall. This experience taught Juan not only the trauma that so many people in communities like Compton face as a result of senseless violence, but how complex healing is and the mechanisms that can ease such a journey.


    Juan is committed to supporting the mission of YPRC.


    Social Worker at YPRC

    As the Social Worker you will be conducting initial assessments of clients and gathering relevant information. Assess client needs and provide case management and linkage. Learn more.


  • Programs & Workshops

    Midday Mindfulness Online Session

    Facilitator Paula

    Midday Mindfulness Online Session


    Facilitator Paula

    Midday Meditation Online Session


    Facilitator Paula

    Sunday Meditation Online Session


    Facilitator Alli

    Sunday Meditation Online Session


    Facilitator Alli

    Sunday Meditation Online Session


    Facilitator Alli

    Sunday Meditation Online Session


    Facilitator Alli


    We work with our network of partners to provides services to the community. Yetunde Price Resource Center is a project of Driving Force Group.

  • Thanks to Our Sponsors!

    Oath Foundation

    The Oath Foundation supports a core pillar of the YPRC, expressive arts therapy, which is provided weekly at the Center, and through monthly offerings with formerly homeless families. Using the digital technology provided by Oath Foundation, as well as other traditional creative resources, the art therapy sessions, include poetry, creative writing, digital storytelling, dance and movement therapy, drawing, gardening, and dramatic arts.

    Thanks to Our Sponsors!


    Allstate Foundation

    Since 2005, Allstate Foundation Purple Purse has propelled more than 1 million survivors on the road to safety and security through its educational resources, including The Allstate Foundation Purple Purse Moving Ahead curriculum, which equips survivors with the knowledge and tools to recover from financial abuse.

    To date, The Allstate Foundation has invested more than $55 million to educate the public about financial abuse and to provide critical survivor services, including financial education, asset-building, job training and readiness programs. Serena Williams serves as a Program Ambassador for Purple Purse.

    Thanks to Our Sponsors!


    James Anderson Foundation

    When veteran NFL linebacker James Anderson began to explore philanthropic work, he explains, “I always wanted to do more than just write a check. I wanted to do good in the community. I knew Driving Force Group would connect me with the resources and education I needed to play an active role.” Over the last several years, Anderson has done just that, enabling a literacy program in partnership with Scholastic that provided over 12,000 books to students across two states, funding teachers’ classroom wish lists in his hometown of Chesapeake, VA, and supporting the work of Huddle Up. Today, Anderson sits on the Driving Force Group board, where his outreach efforts help inspire a new generation of informed, engaged, and dedicated philanthropists.


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